The Edgar Family

Creating family portraits for me is the most fun because not only is it challenging but very rewarding. The Edgar family wanted to be photographed in front of their home, where they meet and spend time together as a family. That tree was special too and the winter foliage and color matched the room it will be displayed in. Creating Home Decor is what I do for my families. Considering where it will be displayed, the final size and relationships involved are part of what makes it successful. They also wanted a portrait painting, one of my new products. But the most important part is how they feel about the image. I think this says it all.

Bills words to describe the image I created for him and his wife: "I love you in numerous ways, countless times, in life after life, and age after age – forever. The forever so exquisitely captured by this portrait, thanks Tammy." Bill and Cynthia Edgar - Ocala, Florida

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