Studio Beach Sessions

Hey you Moms out there!

If you had one portrait of your child what would it be? You did the first year portraits and they were great but what about his or her growing years between 2-7 years old? I find many parents just forget that these are very special years that should be commemorated at least once or twice with a classical piece of art.

When I say classical it doesn’t mean boring or out dated! Sure I offer the nostalgic atmosphere of that old time look but it can be just as modern an image and be ‘classical’. Classical is a term we photographers use to create images that will last a lifetime.

In our Studio Beach session you can choose our old time clothes or use your own but we will help you with the right clothes and colors that will complement your home decor and the theme of the portrait.

beach_kids_webHere are a few images from past Studio Beach sessions. I just love the relationship I see in this portrait of the little girl with her baby brother reaching out to her. How beautiful it is to look at every day. And the other image of this sweet girl in a summer islet dress. Still a classical portrait with out the nostalgic theme but will still capture your heart forever!

studiobeach_huecker-074You can take those everyday beach moments that you will obviously cherish but what will you really have to pass down to your children when they are gown? Call me today and schedule your nostalgic memory. 

I have the perfect solution for a summer portrait to commemorate your 2-7 year olds summer fun without all the heat, rain days and sunburn! My studio beach set is perfect to bring that nostalgic beach era back to life and create something really special that you will be proud to decorate with wall art. It reminds me of that coppertone ad with the little girl and dog on the beach and the dog is pulling on her suit bottoms! We can create that nostalgic feeling of your child whether it be with old time clothes or new ones. An image that you will hold onto forever.


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