Santa’s Workshop/Santa Clause Portraits Ocala, Fl

Imaging yourself at 6 years old. No, seriously, remember when everything you encountered was magical and exciting! You were filled with tons of imagination that made play time an adventure because you could actually beleive you were in that imaginary place. Ok now, remember every year when mom took you to that huge mall with those long lines waiting forever to see Santa… well imagine a totally different experience where your child will be whisked into a magical worm hole to the North Pole to see the big guy himself to tell him your biggest wish for Christmas! Every child has a that imagination once you put that thought of space travel, now a common thing these days, to visit Santa!

You have two chances to be first to have your kids see Santa.

October 18-21 Blessed Trinity Carnival and at my Studio for a private visit with the Big Guy himself on October 26th!

Call today so you don’t have to stand in line! 352-622-7255

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