Portraits by Tammy for Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day Dilemma!

It’s right around the corner and I bet you husbands have no clue what to do for your wife, mother, mother-in-law for Mother’s Day, right? So what are you going to get her? Jewelry is for Valentines Day, forget clothes, she has to do that. You know you will take her to dinner anyway, that’s not a gift. Flowers and candy… really?
Well I have the perfect gift!

A Portrait Showing The Loving Relationship Between Your Family That Will Last Forever.

It can be just your wife with the kids, the kids alone or maybe you will surprise her with the ultimate gift.

She will Love You Forever With The Ultimate Gift
That Lasts Forever!

This gift is a portrait with you and the kids! You know she wants it. So put your trust in my photography skills and lets make you her HERO! Ok… you don’t have to be in it, but it would be nice… I’m only saying.  Of course she can use it for just the kids or with her too. She will talk about this every time she shows the portrait to everyone she knows.
It’s a HERO gift that keeps on giving!

ALL YOU DO IS CALL ME- 352-622-7255, EMAIL ME- tammy@tammyportraitart.com OR TEXT ME- 352-817-0704 AND SAY

Have your credit card ready or bring a check when you pick it up or I can deliver. I’ll even wrap it! Now I know you are asking me how much is this going to cost me right?

OK, here is, for only $495 you will receive a Custom Portrait Session and our exclusive Expressions Portrait Easel. She will be so excited and you will be her HERO.

You have to act fast because I only have so many to give out as they have to be used by the end of June. Did I tell you I guarantee she will be thrilled or I will give your money back?And who knows what you will get for Father’s day because you gave the Ultimate Gift!!

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