Alluring Exposures by Tammy

Do It For You… Say It’s For Him!

Welcome to Alluring Exposures by Tammy Portrait Artist. You have your curiosity up and then you say I can’t do this, it’s too extravagant, I need to lose weight, blah, blah, blah.

You will never feel it is the right time but the right time is Now!

Top Glamour Boudoir Photographer Ocala Florida

This is my Glamour portrait. I didn’t think I could ‘let go’ like I ask all my glamour gals do, but with the help of my makeup artist BeBeautyByAmanda, we managed to get the look I was after. I absolutely love this as well as my husband. That is ‘Vmy desire for you to know how beautiful you are and experience yourself in front of my lens.’  Wouldn’t you like to just ‘Love’ your beautiful side? I mean really LOVE it?!

Let me take you into a world where all your fantasies come true. Where you can look as good as you feel. Whether that is sexy, sultry, playful, shy, bold, soft. Delve into the moment and just be! Let me create the image you see in yourself and make it a reality in a private safe environment.

I will take the time to find out who you want to be and how to make it happen. With my professionalism and fun attitude you will have tons of fun. Don’t worry about those lines here and that stuff there, I will light you properly, pose you properly and then enhance you to be beautiful! Just relax and have fun.

Here are some happy women who experienced a Tammy glamour session.
After reading them call me. What do you have to lose?


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