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A Life’s Work Coming Full Circle

Through the almost 25 years I have photographed maternity, newborns, children, family as well as executives, one thing for sure is that most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. Children are natural and unaware to be that way but as we get older and start being critical of our selves panic sets in when that big lens gets in front of our faces! Then we teach our kids to say ‘cheese’ and get that fake toothy look that plagues us through adulthood.

Fake It Till You Make It!

As we get older it gets worse. Our fears can take hold and demolish our self esteem. I was a very shy child growing up and I too had that low self esteem that kept me behind the scenes when I wanted to be able to sing and dance on stage, act and be noticed like my gregarious friends. But alas, I instead took a career behind a camera where I could hide and only dream of being confident. That camera is my crutch and I notice through that lens that I’m not the only one who needs a crutch. But I faked it till I made it!

So, I have found it my mission to help pre-teens through high school to adult hood to really feel good inside their skin. Give them the confidence to stand tall and feel beautiful or handsome. This follows us all our lives and can make or break our success in life. Even during my family sessions the women especially had a tuff time getting comfortable in front of the camera. I felt their pain! Then I did what most photographers let alone most people wouldn’t dare do, I created a project where I had my subjects photograph me. You might remember, my ‘Stepping Our Of The Way’ project.


This was epic. I said to myself, ‘I would just let go, be myself and let it all hang out’. It was a fun project all around. I since have become much more comfortable in my own skin and funny faces! Then…

Something Beautiful Happened!

I wanted to photograph more women and something beautiful happened. Women were relaxing, and letting their inner beauty shine. Some would cry when they saw themselves for the first time. Their spouses were speechless. I realized that because of my own inner growth I held the confidence that helped these women let go and be real. I am seeing this inner transformation at every session as high school seniors’ whole attitude about themselves change. Their parents also see the change and so I bring to their moms an opportunity to do the same. From 15 to 80, It’s a new mission of mine

‘To bring out the Alluring in women of all ages, so they can see how beautiful they really are and experience themselves through my lens.’

Partnering With Hello Gorgeous

I had to some how get the word out about what I am doing for women of all ages so the most obvious was getting my hair salon to help spread the word. I have photographed each beautiful stylist at Hello Gorgeous and I am posting one each day for a week. Until they have all been ‘unveiled’! They have all experienced my Alluring Exposures session and the results were fabulous! The first one of course is Becky McQuade, the owner, good friend and client. These are my favorites of Becky:


The girls and I had a GREAT time getting together for our photo shoot with Tammy! She totally makes you feel at ease in front of the camera! If you’re looking for something fun to do with your girlfriends or other half call her! Your portraits can always be seen not looked up on your phone! ~ Becky

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