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Girls Day Out

Mini Glamour Sessions with mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year I wanted to do something unique. I’ve been playing with glamour photography and having a blast with my friends at Hello Gorgeous making my clients glamorous and gorgeous with personalized hair and makeup. Of course you can get facials, mani and pedis there too so you can feel as great as you will look! The Limited Edition event is called:

Momma Mia!-Logo-grey

So realizing how intimidating this is, I called up my friend Amanda from BeBeautybyAmanda, for a test with my mom. It has been over 10 years since we have had any portraits done of us so it was time. She was gracious enough to take a million images until I got what I wanted. Thanks Amanda!

We first had our hair done at Hello Gorgeous by Justin then Amanda met us back at my studio for the final makeup touches. Here are the results and would love your feed back.

Oh, then Danny, my husband, took us out to dinner because we looked so gorgeous he just had to show us off! And if you are interested in celebrating your relationship with your Mom just call me at 352.622.7255. Click this link for more info too. Mama Mia


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