Families with Tammy Portrait Artist

Summertime is filled with vacations, family fun, late nights with popcorn and a movie. And for some it is the time for a family portrait. This summer had it’s challenges with lots of rain getting in the way. So with fitting in the family’s schedule and the weather, we had to take this image during a light drizzle.

You had to see this moment of me holding an umbrella over my camera as I was out in the open running back and forth to my clients under the tree cover and getting them in position for these images.

But success it was and thank you to the Dr. Teri Cumpton, and her kids for keeping up great sprits when it could have been miserable.

Tammy's portraits are always professional and enjoyable. This one was particularly fun because the rain was coming and we had to get the picture before getting drenched. We got drenched anyway, but Tammy got the photos! Dr. Teri Cumpton of Ocala Pain in Ocala

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