“Posed Paws” by Tammy Portrait Artist

Pet portraits have been a favorite of mine through the years. I remember when I was a child and got my first puppy, his name was George, and he was a beagle. Remember the Peanuts? Well George was not Snoopy. He was a typical hunting dog who would run wild for days when my dad took him hunting. When he came back home, George would have running dreams and my brother and I would watch in amazement that this dog would have dreams just like us. He was our favorite companion growing up.

 I miss that old dog! How I wished we had a portrait with him. So I have learned through the years that I had to get portraits of my pets from then on so I would always have their memory with me forever.

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To celebrate 3 years of marriage and our journey prior to children, we chose Tammy to capture our family including our ‘furry children’. Tammy created a relaxed session that allowed our dogs to reach their full potential. She was creative with location and set up at our home. The finished product was beautiful! We look forward to continuing our family journey throughout the years with Tammy as our family grows. Thank You Tammy for sharing your gift with us! The Hendersons, Josh, Amber, Chuckie, Max and Dora

My dog and my horses are my family. Somehow Tammy is able to capture their unique personalities in her pictures. I’ll treasure them forever. Thanks Tammy! Dr Cindy Harding – Ocala, Fl.

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