An Evening of Charity & Art

Friday night was a hit! We managed to raise $1270 for Kimberly’s Cottage through 6 silent auction sales of various types of sessions. A Big Thanks to Cynthia Edgar and Dr. Tina Chandra for their generous donations. All three portrait study paintings sold! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to get started in creating Forever Memories of Art for You!

Here Are The Paintings That I Displayed Friday Night.

This is my grandson, Taylor, and the first photographic painting I have created of him. His natural style and sweet smile just touches my heart. A part of me does not want to let him grow up but I myself will treasure this portrait of him as he grows into adulthood. Tammy Portrait Artist

'Gann's Little Ducklings' These are my 7 grandchildren and Tammy created this masterpiece as only Tammy can. Thank you, Tammy, for this beautiful timeless memory of these beautiful children. Sally Boyd - Ocala, Fl

“We met Tammy first as a person and only then as a photographer. This was spontaneous without references, but we decided that it was a great chance to preserve memories of our family in a place that is very special to us. Can you imagine how surprised and delighted we were when the results so surpassed our rather reserved expectations. Tammy is one of a kind! Her work is as good as it gets.” Chantal Dickson – Shreveport, La

“Tammy has been our photographer for years. Every time we need another portrait made, Tammy always has a new idea or style she wants to try. This Candlelight portrait really captured how I feel about my relationship with my daughter. Not only is it creative and storytelling, but also unique. Thanks Tammy for another great experience! Jill Tieche – Ocala, Florida

“Tammy, We just love this image of our daughter Liza. You captured a part of her personality we don't see everyday. Thank you for this gift! “Cathy Cram - Aiken, SC

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