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There comes a time in ones life when work isn’t enough and while I have thoroughly enjoyed my work as a photographer, living, breathing and becoming my work for others; I have lost myself in that work like so many before me.
While I do my job as a portraitist, I have an obligation to work with my clients to create an image he or she will truly love and display in their home and while I love this, I need to take that process further.
So I decided to be inspired with a new project that I feel will appeal to my colleagues, family and friends. At least it will create a buzz about looking at portraiture differently. I know I have.
Thus, begins a new project that I hope you will all not only participate but enjoy as well. Please read the call for subjects to play the role I ask and see what happens in that process. Let go, be real and see how the world can see the real you!

A Call out for participants
Join in Tammy Portrait Artist’ personal project on portraiture:

“Stepping Out of the Way”
A Tribute to the famous Albert Watson’s portrait of Steve Jobs.

Portrait dates this week are:
Friday- 9am-4pm
Art Walk same day 6-8pm @ Marketplace on Broadway.


Call to schedule please and visit the facebook event page for more details.

 The portrait will only take about 10 minutes of your time. Be part of something exciting and unique! Come on out for the fun creating your own art as you pose in front of Tammy’s camera and letting her step out of the way… but don’t worry she will step back in before its done! We can’t wait to see what happens!

Join me for the Exhibit of this personal project,
Exhibit Grand Opening
at Brick City Center for the Arts

Art Walk 
Friday October 3rd, 6-8pm
Some of the proceeds will benefit Marion Cultural Alliance.

Have some wine, eat some food and talk about the experience!
What more could an artist want!

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