Fun & Playful | Ocala Portrait Artist

What can I say, this couple is just fun! I asked them to be themselves and what are they like together. And when I said be playful, he scooped her up and this is what we got!


Of course I made them do this several times before I managed to keep it all together. That’s the difference I think between a candid photographer and a portraitist. Candid photographers never interfere but a portraitist, we create that spontaneous image just like they do in commercial fashion sessions, over and over until you get the look just right. It may not seem like they do that but believe me they do! From manipulating the light on a location session to controlling the shadows in the studio. It all takes more work than meets the eye!

Which reminds me about my Valentines Special. Show your love and come out for a fun and playful session!


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