Portraits of your Furry Friends!

Coming on November 5th during Downtown Ocala’s Art Walk Friday, I will be at the Marketplace on Broadway photographing Pets with their People!

10am to 7pm bring your furry friends for a special memory portrait. These mini sessions are 15 minutes long, only $195 and you will get an 8×10 & two wallets or phone image and a facebook image. Other collections are available on session day and a handout given when you prepay your initial collection.
You can upgrade or add poses by adding collections!

Hurry only a few will get into this awesome deal!

Call 352-402-9776

Here are a few images we created last year at the Marketplace event.

This portrait came out so well I decided to create a painting to add to my collection of my new Musees product line. Musees (pronounced mue-za, with a long a) is French for Museum.

Of course Mary, owner of the Marketplace, always has Lily at the store. She is a sweet pooch and a constant companion to Mary.

Mary Stevens is the Marketplace with Lily.

Mom and daughter both got into the game with their favorite pooches! You can tell how they feel about their furry friends. They are part of the family right?

Joyce and Karlie Urban with their furry friends!

Children always make a great portrait and when it comes to animals you never know what to expect!

The Evans kids and Lauren Tieche with their best friends!

Bob and Casey                                                    Celia & Liza with their best friend Rosey!

Of course your’s truly had to get in the game. Those two children are my 2nd cousins! It’s the closest I will ever be as an auntie!

Me and my 2nd cousins! Tracy and Trever

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