October Limited Edition

Families On Lake Kerr

OCTOBER 21st to 23rd

This year I am adding mini portrait sessions to the mix of the studio. Now you can have a ‘Tammy’ portrait without the bigger investment. How?? Glad you asked. Sessions are only 30 minutes and for basically one concept or pose, no breakdowns with the family members. Sessions will be back to back at a scenic location like this year at beautiful Lake Kerr. But if you want to add to your session you may in advance. Once we have scheduled a block of time you won’t be able to add unless someone is late! So, there you have it… Mini Portrait Sessions

Don’t Let Your Family’s Memories Fade Away, Preserve Them Today With A Portrait By Tammy

A big thanks from the Ausley family for allowing me to interrupt their lake house memories. Here is what I did for them to show you the different places you can have your portrait created.

Memories of the Lake will linger on. long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

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