Not just for Girls! / Senior Portraits Ocala, Fl

Hey guys I know what your’e saying, What would I do differently for my senior portraits? Well take a look at what we did for a few of my guys this year so far! It’s fun, its unique and its painless. Take a look at my Facebook page to see some of the exciting images we have created with you in mind. We look at your life and what makes you unique. What are you into? Football, track, swimming, guitars, wake boards, four wheelers, basketball, cars, trucks, tennis, crossbow, tae kwon do, ping pong, golf, marching band… you get the point. Call and tell us whatever it is you are into and we can make some awesome senior portraits that you will be proud to hand out to the ladies!

Senior portraits with Tammy have been an unforgettable experience. I doubt that any other photographer could have captured the unique images Tammy did. We had a great time brainstorming settings, and in the end she created images that really captured my personality. Not to mention I had a blast doing it! While some senior portraits might just be "pictures", Tammy created images that will last a lifetime. Chase Jaycox - Vanguard 2013

I was a little unsure about being a senior portrait model for Tammy Griffin-Vincent, but it was actually really fun and the pictures turned out really great! Call Tammy Portrait Artist today to schedule your senior picture appointment. David Schafer - Vanguard 2013

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