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This time of year always makes me think about family and family portraits because my Family Portrait Month starts in October. Last year I worked with Chandra Smile Designs and my professional photography organization to raise money for Operation smile and this year we’re working to help Dando Amor, a non profit charity dedicated to improving the lives of orphans living in deplorable conditions in the developing world.

But this year it’s my own family that I’m thinking about. I recently helped my mom pack up to move closer to her brother and sister-in-law who has a long term illness. Mom will be able to help her brother care for her. I know it’ll be a great move for everyone, but I’ll miss having my mom close to me!

As we were packing her house and all her photographs it made me realize how important family portraits are! It’s great to be able to look back on all the portraits and remember the great times we had growing up.


I will miss having her close and I’m so glad we have portraits to keep us in each other’s day-to-day thoughts. Please take the time this year to preserve your family in some photographic art.

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