Your imagination comes to life!


Imagine your whole team in a cool location, maybe standing in water if you’re a swim team with your team name real big and everyone is posed all over the name with some diving off… sounds impossible? Not for Tammy Portrait Artist!

We have lots of ideas and need teams to create it! 


Here is the Team Meet Deal

20120929_schafer_d_17y-388We need one team member to be our main contact to set up the meeting with coach or booster parent, sign up teammates and get a cool prize for helping! 

Each team member will get an individual image with our group discounts!

We will work with your booster club parent and coach to create a team poster that you can raise money with. You will receive 100% of the proceeds if 10 members invest in individual portraits.

You will choose a background and a pose for your individual portrait along with your very own mobile app to share and sell your posters!

We need at least 10 members for the group discount.



Get photographed when your new uniforms come in so they are fresh and new!

Call us today to schedule your consultation with a coach or parent!

Call Tammy at 352-622-7255


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