Introducing Jillian | Senior Portraits Ocala, FL

Introducing Tammy Portrait Artist Senior Model Jillian! She’s a 2015 senior from Vanguard High School.

She is a positive, funny and kind gal from Chicago, Illinois, who can dead-lift 190lbs! Wow, I don’t know about you, but that takes talent, a strong will, and lots of training.

There’s no doubt Jillian has talent and determination. She has won the 2012 JV County Championship for Vanguard Cross Country.

From running shorts to a black leather jacket and painted nails, Jillian loves it all. She can sweat with the best of us and then turn around and look like a fashion model! Running is a passion for her as well as nail art! But beyond all that she has a charitable side to her as well.

This tiny girl with a ‘BIG’ heart will definitely go places leaving big shoes to fill! Her dream job is to be a charity surgeon and concert photographer… Well Jilly, maybe that can be your hobbies if you want to pay the rent! Hehe…

evalle_blog_panelYou can see Jilly running around with her conspiracy theory books, tweeting to friends, and enjoying warm brownies a la mode all while studying to be a surgeon! She makes me tired just thinking about it!

And this year she’s added being a Tammy Portrait Artist Model too it all!

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