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Story Telling with Family Portraiture

One of my favorite things to create are these story telling Expression Panels. When I get the chance to photograph a family in several situations, it gives me the opportunity to tell their story for their family legacy.

ditty_panelThis family has a beautiful farm, raise horses, cows, grows hay and mom competes with the horse you see in this image. Lots of great memories for them.

This family wanted an image that showed their love for each other as well as the fun they have together. This wall panel hangs over their piano in the center of their home. They will see it everyday as they pass by it.


Don’t let time go by without capturing your family every 3-5 years in a professional portrait created just for you. You phones just won’t give you art like this. Leave a Legacy for your kids. You will never regret the investment in your family!




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