Fall Is Here- Finally

The weather is finally perfect for outdoor family photography. The mornings are cool and crisp. The evenings are not so humid. That means a much more fun experience for the whole family.
One of the questions I get about my services is what makes me different than the studio around the corner. Well, my friends, I have dedicated my life to learning the art and science of photography. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in photography and I am a Certified Master Photographer. I have been creating heirlooms for families for 20+ years… and some may say so what?
What that means to you is I really know what I am doing with the light, posing, composition and exposing the image in the camera.  I don’t rely on Photoshop to fix any mistakes rather than to enhance what is already there. I take the time to do the assignment right giving my clients the time to be creative and get the expressions they are looking for.
So, don’t settle for less. Make sure your photographer has insurance incase anything goes wrong. Make sure the product you are paying for will last more than 5 years before changing color or fading. Don’t let just anyone create you family memories.
Just like you take care of your home, your car, your hair, you go to a professional who is really educated, certified and can back that up with credentials.
Don’t you want your family photographer to be, reliable, certified, degreed and passionate to create and preserve your family heirlooms to pass down generation to generation?

Check out my video: Click here

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